Wild Bird & Hedgehog

There is growing evidence of a reduction in population of many wild bird species under pressure as they are from loss of habitat due to development and a reduction in their natural food sources, particularly insects the populations of which have been dramatically reduced by influences such as pesticide use, rising pollution levels and possibly climate change.

Hedgehogs too face similar pressure and unfortunately their evolutionary response to threat, curling into a tight ball relying on their sharp spines for protection does nothing to help them under the wheels of a car, van or truck. In many areas Hedgehogs have already disappeared. 

Swans and Ducks are an intrinsic part of our waterways, what lake or river would be the same without them? We like to think that throwing some stale bread for them to feed off is helping but quite the reverse is true. Feeding these beautiful birds bread causes nutrient imbalance and actively promotes pathogenic organisms that can adversely effect their health at every stage of their life cycle.

So what can we do to help these threatened creatures? well actually quite a lot. At home letting part of the garden go a little wild and planting out areas of denser foliage and indigenous flowering plants will attract insects and create safe havens and micro climates that will benefit wildlife.

Providing a clean, healthy and nutritionally balanced food offering for them will also go a long way to support them and this should be provided throughout the year, not just in the winter months, to ensure they build up enough reserves to see them through the winter months.