Velda Floating Combi-Filter

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The Velda Floating Comb-Filter is a unique product with a number of unique features. Internally water is filtered by a combination of mechanical foam media which traps particulate waste and bio-media that provides a home for aerobic bacteria that consume the toxic components of fish waste and organic decay. In addition it has an Ultra-Violet Steriliser that eliminates green water causing algae.

There are two models each with a built in pump that delivers either 1500 or 2500 litres (330 or 550 gallons) per hour.

Externally water leaves the filter over a broad dome which, by exposing a bubbling film of water over a large surface area helps to re-oxygenate the water. A porous cloth shroud cover the exterior of the filter beneath the dome and this prevent small fish, insects & crustaceans from being drawn into the pump / filter mechanism.

Pond wildlife friendly, unobtrusive in use and a great filtration option for all ponds including those of a formal design, Rills etc. where fitting of an external filter is not desirable or possible.

Features & Specifications:

2 Year guarantee
Two sizes 1500 or 2500 (For planted ponds without fish 660 or 1100 galls. (2970 or 4950 Litres).
                                       (For ponds with fish 330 to 550 galls. (1485 or 2475 litres)
Supplied with all filter media.
3 stage filtration, mechanical, biological and Ultra-Violet Sterilisation.
Integral U.V. (9 Watt in 1500, 13 Watt in 2500).
10 metres (32' 6") exterior mains cable.
Unique floating design.