Tetra Pond Medifin

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Tetra Pond Medifin is a broad based fish disease remedy specifically formulated to treat the most common disease causing organisms that affect pond fish.

Medifin is able to deal with protozoan infections including whitespot (pin head white spots covering body and fins), fungus (cotton wool like patches and tufts) and pathogenic bacterial infection (red spots, ragged fins, red streaked finnage and minor ulceration).

Medifin is especially useful as a "quarantine cure" to treat new fish that are added to the pond as a precaution, whether or not any disease is evident and as an early an late season preventative treatment when the water temperature drops through autumn and again in Spring as the water temperature rises. In both cases we recommend adding to the pond once a week for four consecutive weeks.

Bottle sizes / treatment volume
250ml for 5750 litres (1278 galls)
500ml for 11500 litres (2556 galls)
1000ml for 23000 litres (5111 galls)
Don't forget that repeat treatments are nearly always necessary so buy enough to treat your pond at least four times.


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