Sick Fish Solutions

Maintaining good water quality goes a long way to keeping fish disease free but should they become ill it may be necessary to treat them. The first step is to closely observe the effected fish & try to identify any visible signs of damage or disease. The main groups of pathogens affecting fish are Protozoan, fungal & bacterial. In addition they can become the target of other parasites such as crustacia, worms & flukes.

Many of these are fairly easy to identify, this quick guide may help;

Protozoan:  Small pin head or smaller size spots creating a "dusting" effect. sometimes fish produce excessive mucous (slime coating) as a reaction.

Fungal:  furry, cotton wool like growths, sometimes become tinted green with algae. Secondry infection usually after fish have suffered physical or bacterial damage.

Bacterial:  Reddening around scales or in patches, red streaking to fins, sores or ulceration.

Crustacia, worms or flukes:  Usually easy to spot as they are attached to the scales or fins & easily visible to the human eye.