Reptile Vivariums (housing)

At Pet Safari we stock the Exo Terra, VivExotic and Komodo ranges of reptile enclosures, known as vivariums these are available either as a glass construction or wooden cabinet style. A modern glass vivarium differs significantly to the old designs as they are well ventilated and provide a hygenic, easily cleaned reptile home.

Wooden cabinet vivariums are usually supplied species specific i.e. Bearded Dragon kits, Chameleon kits etc or as "blanks" where some d.i.y input is required to fit heating, lighting etc. and provide a more furnished look similar to an aquarium and cabinet system.

Pet Safari also stock the Exo Terra Tortoise Table which is an alternative and extendable housing solution to vivariums for many juvenile tortoise species, especially suitable for Hermans, Spur Thigh and Horsfield tortoises.