Pond Ultra-Violet Sterilisers

A Pond Ultra-Violet Steriliser will provide an answer to the "green water" problem experienced by many pondkeepers. If the correct unit, relative to the pond volume, is utilised then green water is eliminated & crystal clear water is guaranteed!

Pond Ultra-Violet Sterilisers are a very useful addition to the Pond Filtration system & indeed, many Pond Filters now come with them already fitted. They can, however, be added to a filter system if it doesn't already have one or if the UV already fitted is not up to the job, it can be replaced or a second unit can be added to run in tandem.

Ultra-Violet Sterilisers work my exposing a thin film of water that passes through them to pure, germicidal ultra-violet radiation. The radiation penetrates the cellular structure of micro-organisms so damaging the DNA within the cell. This damage prevents cell reproduction hence the name "Steriliser". Very effective & highly recommended