Pond Pumps

A pond pump should be considered simply as a device to move water. When choosing a pond pump you need to identify how & to what location the water needs to be moved. If there is only one requirement for the pump to move water, for example in the provision of a fountain spray then this will narrow the choice down to a small number of pumps that can do this simple job within the limitations of your pond design.

If the pump needs to deliver water simultaneously to a number of areas, for example a fountain spray & a filter then each requirement should be considered a "task". Each of these tasks will require a given amount of water to be able to perform the task. Adding these requirements together will dictate the size of the pump that can move enough volume of water to complete all the tasks.

Always choose a pump that has plenty of power in reserve.

Also included in this section are pond air pumps whose sole function is to increase the pond water oxygen levels (especially useful in warm weather) and indoor pumps for indoor ponds and water features.