Pond Plants

Pond Plants are an essential component for all pond types, adding colour, form & depth to the aquatic landscape of ornamental & wildlife ponds & providing real functionality as they grow, removing as they do so organics such as Nitrates & Phosphates that continually build up in the captive pond environment. They should not be lightly excluded from a Koi pond either, as long as they are phyically separated from the fish the plants will provide a water scrubbing function acting as a vegetable filter.

Unfortunately, due to carrier restrictions, we are currently only able to offer Bunched Oxygenators & Floating Plants by post (when seasonally available, usually mid March to end September) but we have a large selection of Marginal & Bog plants, Deep Water plants & Water Lilies in store so, if at all possible pay us a visit, we will be pleased to see you.

For help & advice choosing, caring for or problems with pond plants, email admin@petsafari.co.uk or call Mike on 07908 750143.