Pond Liners

Make sure that all that effort, planning, researching & finally getting to the part that you can't put off any longer, the digging bit! is not in vain & you are installing a quality Pond Liner that is durable & will stand the test of time. Our Pond Liners are very good quality & if installed correctly will give extremely long service. PET SAFARI recommend that, for maximum lifespan, pond liners are always protected with a layer of pond liner underlay. Do it right first time with PET SAFARI!

Our standard material, suitable for at least 90% plus of pond projects is a blended PVC material of .5mm gauge. We are also able to supply many other material types such as Butyl, EPDM & Firestone & can supply these & PVC in .75mm & 1.0mm gauge. If you would like to order one of these materials (typically 3 to 5 working day delivery) or are not sure which material is best suited to your pond project then please contact admin@petsafari.co.uk or 'phone us on 07908 750143.

Don't forget that for formal geometric shapes, Box Welded Liners may also be an option. See product group category "Box Welded Liners".


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