Pond Liner Repair Kits

Modern pond liner materials are extremely tough & durable but should the worst happen & one day you discover the fish flapping about in 4 inches of water then it may be that you will need to effect a repair.

The first thing to check is that any hoses or pipes carrying water from the pond to an exernal source such as a filter, are sound & not damaged. Also check the filter box, ultra violet steriliser & any other external equipment for damage that may allow water to leak from them. If there is a waterfall it may be worth setting up a bypass to this section in order to rule this out as a source of the leak. If external equipment & waterfalls are found to be sound then look for damage to the liner itself.

Most holes, tears & rips in a flexible liner can easily be repaired & this section also includes products for repairing plastic & fibreglass pre-formed pond sections & concrete ponds.

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