Pond Food for Winter

Pond Food for Winter is for all pond fish when the water temperature is between 10C (50f) to 5C (40f). At these temperatures the diet of most most fish* needs to have a low or nil animal protein content. This is because at low temperatures standard pond food sits in the gut of the fish undigested & this can cause internal ulceration. the composition of pond winter food is vegetable, usually Wheatgerm based & is much easier for the fish to digest at lower temperatures. At temperatures below 5C the fish need not be fed. *Members of the Sterlet/Sturgeon family are able to digest higher protein foods at much lower temperatures so they should continue to be fed on Sterlet/Sturgeon food to around 3.5C (38f).

If you have any winter food left at the start of the summer season simply mix it in with the summer food, the high vitamin E content and easy digestibility will continue to have positive benefits especially if the fish are breeding.