Pet Gear Dog Car Harness Set


The Pet Gear Dog Car Harness Set is a great travel accessory for keeping Dogs safely restrained whilst travelling in the car and comes as two components, the harness and a special seat belt lead that has a seat belt attachment which simply pushes into the car seat belt holder.

The seat belt lead is adjustable in length between 42 - 66cm (16" - 26"). Please note it is not compatible with Volvo's.

The harness features an ant-twist mechanism to prevent the harness from becoming entangled and uncomfortable for the dog.

The harness is easy to fit and fully adjustable and can also be attached to a lead whilst walking like a standard harness so if your dog regularly pulls at hid lead then this harness will also make everyday walks more comfortable for him or her.

Harness available in four sizes
Small            24 - 55cm (9" - 21")          
Medium        61 - 70cm (24" - 27")
Large            67 - 77cm (26" - 30")
Extra Large   78 - 85cm (31 - 33")

To chose a suitable harness size measure your dog around the chest just behind the front legs. Ensure the measured girth is within the adjustable limits of one of the harnesses.