OASE Promax ClearDrain 7000

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The OASE Promax ClearDrain 7000 is an exceptionally high quality cellar drainage pump from this renound German manufacturer.

From the stainless steel body to a water draw depth of only 1mm the specifications of this pump are many including adjustable float switch for automatic function and water draw depth, handy carry handle and solids (particulate) handling up to 5mm.

This particular model is primarily designed for removal of water that is not heavily contaminated with solids, for dirty water see the Oase Promax MudDrain

Technical & Specifications
Maximum flow rate 7000 litres per hour
Maximum head (water lift capability) 7 metres
Wattage (power consumption) 400 watt
Guarantee 2 years (3 years if free warranty extension claimed from manufacturer)
Solids handling to 5mm
Adjustable float switch
pumps (drains water level to) to 1mm water depth
10 metres mains cable