NT Labs Winter Pond Pellets 190g

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NT Labs Winter Pond Pellets 190g are a complete winter diet for all pond fish and this small 190g pack is perfect for those with a smaller pond and low fish numbers. The 3mm floating pellets are suitable for small to medium sized pond fish of all types including Goldfish, Shubunkins, Sarasa Comets, small Orfe and Rudd.

Low protein wheatgerm based for consumption and digestion at lower pond water temperatures.

Why feed Winter Food? - As the water temperature drops fishes metabolic rate slows down and food they eat spends longer in their system as intestinal transit is slower. High protein meat based foods are particularly hard for them to digest during these periods and can cause intestinal problems such as gut ulceration.

Wheatgerm based foods are much easier to digest with a low protein content so food goodness is delivered without causing problems to the fish, the addition of garlic provides many other health benefits and helps protect the fish from pathogens to which the fish are particularly vulnerable at lower water temperatures.

When to feed Winter food. Winter food should be used in place of any other food type you are using when the water temperature (not air temperature) reaches 10C (50f.) Continue feeding until the water temperature reaches 5C (41f). Do not feed fish below 5C (except for Sturgeon / Sterlets which can feed at even lower temperatures). A couple of sunny days mid Winter may result in the fish becoming more active and a small amount of Winter food can be given. A simple pond thermometer is really useful for monitoring the pond water temperature.