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As mentioned in "About us - Our story", this new incarnation of our 35 year old business namely an e-commerce offering was made live on Good Friday 19th April 2019. We have a lot of products! and listing them is a continuous and on-going task. 

We are adding more products on a weekly weekly basis so please check back if what you are looking for is currently missing or email to find out if we will be listing a specific product.

On a regular basis in this section we will be highlighting news and views about and from the world of pet keeping and that includes all pets in the broad sense, Reptiles, aquarium and pond fish as well as dogs, cats and small animals and also wild birds and animals.

Pet Safari Focus July - "Better Than Bread". 

One of our most popular leisure time pursuits is relaxing by the water both natural and man made and almost certainly Swans and Ducks will not be far away. Traditionally we lob chunks of bread at them and they seem to relish this offering greedily gobbling everything down in short order. Surely this is a good thing? the ducks and swans seem to enjoy it, feeding them bread can't do them any harm can it?
Think again, bread is not only nutritionally inappropriate for swans and ducks - it can actually cause them real harm!  
Bead and bread products, especially white bread are low in vitamin E and magnesium and have excessive carbohydrate content and fill the birds with a food that is wholly unsuitable for their nutritional needs. Excessive bread consumption with associated lack of vitamins can lead to "Angel Wing" in swans, a condition that causes the wings to twist and drop and is irreversible unless caught in the very early stages.

Pieces of bread and sandwiches, pizza and cake sink and quickly decay providing a fertile breeding ground for harmful bacteria. Botulism in particular is fatal to swans. This same decomposing material also encourages the growth of Aspergillus, a mould that gets in to the lungs of ducks and causes illness and death. Large amounts of uneaten bread products also have a negative effect on the water chemistry and promote undesirable algae growth.

But now there is an alternative which is most definitely "Better Than Bread"*

Swan & Duck Food by Wildthings is a nutritionally balanced food for these beautiful birds and is now available from in 175g handy dispenser packs and a 1.5kg bulk bag (larger bulk sizes available to order, contact or 'phone 01943 467170 or 07908 750143 for more information).

Widthings Swan & Duck Food is "Better Than Bread" which has many negative impacts on these wild birds and the aquatic environment they inhabit.

Wildthings Swan & Duck Food provides essential vitamins and minerals, floats on the water so is accessible for longer to the feeding birds and significantly reduces waste and decay. Swans and Ducks also find the food extremely tasty so ditch the bread and help our much loved swan and duck population keep healthy and with us for future generations of those in pursuit of a great day out by the water.

*"Better Than Bread" is the slogan of an informational campaign by Wildthings.