Laguna Powerjet 7600


Laguna Powerjet Pumps are European built & engineered with a robust build quality and as a result are exceptionally reliable, so much so that they come with a 5 year guarantee!!

These pumps combine great performance with low energy saving power consumption and come complete with an adjustable riser pipe and two fountain head options, fully adjustable diverter valve allowing accurate water flow control and operation of waterfall, poolside spitter or filter as well as fountain spray simultaneously. Also supplied with a unique "click lock" easy fit and disengage multi-stepped hosetail which will accommodate 3/4" (19mm), 1" (25mm) and 1.1/4" (32mm) bore (internal diameter) pond hose. The pump is fitted with 10 metres (32' 6") of heavy duty outdoor cable.

An ergonomic cage with carry handle surrounds the pump mechanism and is easily brushed or hosed clean if it becomes clogged with debris, low maintenance operation for much longer without attention than pumps fitted with a foam strainer intake. The small holes in the protective cage are of a size to be aquatic wildlife friendly.

Exceptional quality, exceptional value!!

Features & Specifications.
5 year guarantee.
10 metres  (32' 6") of cable fitted.
Supplied with multi-stepped hosetail adaptor.
Supplied with 2 fountain heads.
Telescopic riser pipe.
Wildlife friendly exterior cage.
Low power consumption of only 75W