JBL NitratEx Nitrate Remover 250ml

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JBL NitratEx Nitrate Remover is a filter media for the removal of nitrate in freshwater aquariums that can be simply recharged for use over and over again making this product an extremely cost effective choice.

Nitrate is one of the fuels for undesirable algae in the aquarium and nitrate levels in excess of 50mg/l can also reduce fish growth rate, reduce fish colouration and lower their immune system response making fish more susceptible to disease causing organisms.

NitratEx will bind up to 900mg of nitrate and one pack will successfully manage nitrate in aquariums up to 250 litre (55 gallons) with a medium fish stocking density.

The pack includes a fine media bag to contain the active granular material, although best used in an external canister filter the bag can be placed directly into the aquarium, ideally near an area of good flow, for rapid reduction in nitrate levels.

When exhausted it will not release nitrates back into the aquarium water and can simply be recharged by soaking in a saltwater solution overnight and then rinsed thoroughly in freshwater. Full instructions for use and recharging are included.