Heat Mats

Vivarium Heat Mats are a way of providing a secondary heat source for vivariums which may help increase the day time temperature, provide gentle night time heating or contribute to a "hot zone" in one part of the vivarium. They can also be used as the primary heat source in smaller vivariums, vivariums in which a particularly high temperature is not required and are ideal for most Arachnid and Insect homes and for Giant African Land Snails.

Usually heat mats are left on 24/7 and they can be connected to a thermostat device if necessary, this will stop the risk of the vivarium over heating.

Heat mats should always be fitted on the exterior rear of a glass vivarium or other container and should not cover an area greater than 50% of that area. Position towards one end so providing for hotter and cooler zones. In a wooden vivarium where the mat has to be on the inside position as above but slightly higher so that reptiles cannot come into direct contact with it. The mat can also be concealed behind a decorative background. 

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