Fish Disease Treatments Tropical & Goldfish

Hopefully, if water quality is maintained to a high standard, if the fish receive the correct nutritional balance & if the community in which they live is relatively peaceful then fish should thrive, have robust immune systems & not succumb to disease. Unfortunately on occasion, despite all your best efforts there may be a disease outbreak.

Fish are most likely to be susceptible to disease causing organisms at times of stress such as when new fish are introduced or if a particular member of their community becomes overtly aggressive. Their immune system will also be low if the water quality hasn't been as good as it should be.

The most common fish ailments are; White Spot, a protozoan parasite visible as pinhead white spots, fungus, a cotton wool like growth of fungal spores & pathogenic bacterial damage often showing as ragged fins, red streaks in the fins, reddening of the tissue or ulceration. There are others & you should always seek advice prior to commencing a course of treatment if you are not sure. Luckily, if caught in time, the chances of effecting a cure are very high.

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