Ecopond Barley Straw Extract

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Concentrated Barley Straw Extract. Environmentally friendly and totally organic, no added synthetic chemicals or pesticides does not harm pond fish or plants. Starts working immediately to control the formation of both green water and blanket weed algae.

Barley straw has been used since the Middle Ages as a form of algae control in ponds, traditionally bales being added to the water but that method is difficult to calculate dosage and relies on the long process of the straw breaking down before any results can be seen.

Extract of barley straw begins to work immediately when added the active ingredient, hydrogen peroxide destroying the cellular integrity of algae cells. Cannot be overdosed, for quicker results simply increase the basic dosage rate.

250ml is sufficient to commence a treatment course for 4500 Litres (1000 Gallons) of pond water including initial dose and a further 6 weeks of treatment (at basic dosage rate)


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