Continuum Captive Phos Fe 600g

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Continuum Reef Basis Captive Phos Fe 600g is a granular ferric (iron) oxide based filtration media manufactured to the purest and most exacting standards and is totally safe for all aquatic organisms.

Continuum Reef Basis Captive Phos Fe is designed to remove phosphate and silicates from both marine (saltwater) and freshwater aquarium systems and in so doing will inhibit the growth of nuisance algae growth and diatoms. It can be used in external power filters, sumps, fluidised bed filters and reactors and should be contained within a fine filter bag.

600g of Captive Phos Fe will treat up to 2250 litres of aquarium water and should be replaced if phosphates begin to rise again once reduced. The very high absorption capacity make this product very cost effective in use.