Coldwater Fish Foods

Coldwater fish foods have been especially formulated to meet the dietary requirements of goldfish & other species that are kept indoors in an un-heated aquarium. Staple foods contain all the food item ingredients, carbohydrates, fats, proteins & minerals & other foods have a slightly altered formula for a specific reason. This could be colour food which will naturally enhance blue & red colouration or growth food that has a higher protein content for faster tissue building.

Coldwater foods are usually in flake, pellet or stick form & as for other types of fish it is always a good idea to give them a variety of different foods & treats to keep them happy & healthy. The main thing to remember is variety not quantity. Feed small amounts once or twice a day only & rotate the food offering for variety. Coldwater fish are very greedy but require much less food than people think & over feeding often has fatal consequences. Remember, hungry fish are happy fish!