Cat Food & Treats

As a cat or dog owner we have a massive responsibility to offer them maximum care and apart from regular veterinary checks and vaccinations, integrating them into the family unit and pure play fun, the most important consideration has to be their dietary requirements, it is after all, what will keep them healthy and with us for the maximum time.

An awareness of what is and what isn't good for us humans has accelerated massively over the last few years and in tandem with this understanding we have, quite rightly, looked at the food offering that we provide for our beloved animal companions.

For far too long the major pet food manufacturers and suppliers have been content to offer foods that are massively processed with ingredients that are either not natural or not complementary to a dog or cats evolutionary dietary needs.

A few years ago small independent companies decided that should change and Pet Safari are proud to offer these premium, healthy, natural and wholesome foods to you, for your beloved animal friend. All these tasty, nutritionally balanced and minimally processed complete diets are manufactured in the UK.  ------ Hey!  

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