Blagdon Pond Air PA1

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Oxygen levels in small pond can quickly drop in hot weather putting the fish at risk of asphyxiation and the whole pond balance can be destroyed and prescious livestock lost.

The Blagdon PA1 pond air pump is a handy solution and will pump up to 210 litres of air into the pond. The pump kit comes complete with 8 metres (26') of airline and a 50mm (2") ball airstone.

Regular aeration throughout the summer months will also help with the breakdown of toxic organics by encouraging the growth of essential aerobic bacteria.

The pump is not weather proof so must be housed indoors, shed, garage etc. or housed in a weatherproof box.

Features & Specifications:

Low 4 Watt power consumption.
8metres (26') airline.
50mm (2") ball airstone.
Maximum pond pumping depth 1.4 metres (4' 6")
Max air output 210 Litres per hour.
Recommended for small pond of maximum capacity 500 gallons (2250 Litres).
1 year guarantee.
Must be housed indoors or in a weatherproof box.