Blagdon Mini Pond 900


The Blagdon Mini Pond 900 is one of the most reliable small pond pumps we have ever sold and comes with a host of accessories & unusually for small pumps has a 3 year guarantee.

Three different fountain heads are supplied to fit the extendable riser pipe and fountain height can be controlled via the valve at the base of the riser. This also will accommodate 1/2" (12.5mm) bore (internal diameter) hose which can be used to send water to a small cascade or poolside spitter. Additionally it is supplied with a 3/4" hosetail that screws directly into the pump outlet if the fountain feature is not required, this pump really covers every eventuality!
Fitted with 10 metres (32' 6") of exterior cable.

A great choice for small to medium sizes garden ponds and water features.

Features & Specifications.
900 Litres per hour maximum output.
Sectionally adjustable Riser Pipe.
3 Fountain Heads.
10 metres (32' 6") fitted cable.
1 metre maximum fountain spray height.
2.0 metres (6' 6") maximum head.
1/2" (12.5mm) hosetail accessory.
18 Watt power consumption. 
3 year guarantee.