Aquarium Reverse Osmosis

Most aquarists are constantly striving to create and maintain the very best water quality to ensure the aquarium inhabitants survive and thrive. Regular partial water changes are a vital part of any fish keepers maintenance regime to remove dissolved organics that are an inevitable consequence of the nitrite cycle. The problem with using tap water for the water change is that it is already likely to be loaded with Nitrate and Phosphate as well as other undesirable contaminants.

A good quality water conditioner will quickly remove chlorine and metal contaminants such as copper, zinc and aluminium but will not remove Nitrates and Phosphates.

A Reverse Osmosis unit (R.O.) will strip out absolutely everything* from tap water leaving it totally pure so every water change is making the maximum improvement to water quality. All Maine (salt water) and most Discus fish keepers use R.O. produced water and it is an absolutely recommended protocol for all aquarium types.

*Large water changes with R.O.water will require the water to be re-mineralised prior to use in order to restore the essential trace elements, pH and buffering capacity.