Aquarium Installation

Here at PET SAFARI we have been installing "off the shelf" and "bespoke" aquariums pretty much from the inception of the business, over 35 years ago. We have a small dedicated team for installations & on-going maintenance may also be offered in some instances.

We are able to offer installation for all the aquariums we sell in LS, HG & BD postal code areas, please email or 'phone Mike on 07908 750143 if you have an interest in this service.

We are able to bring an enormous amount of practical experience to any installation project & we understand the science behind the set up & subsequent care of a diverse range of captive aquatic environments. For bespoke design & build services we are able to work with designers, architects & building professionals from concept to completion

All quotations for bespoke work are free & without obligation so if you or your client are considering an aquarium installation take advantage of our knowledge & experience. Take the first steps to owning a unique aquatic display & call PET SAFARI today on 07908 750143 or email

Aquarium Doctor Service**
Having problems with your home, office or reception area? we can help. Pet Safari offer an aquarium doctor service, we will visit, check the system components and water chemistry and advise on a programme going forward to help make your aquarium a display you can be proud of. For a visit and consultation we charge between £49 - £79 + v.a.t. (charge dependant on travel distance and this service is only available in LS, HG, & BD postal code areas). You can of course email or 'phone for free advice at any time, contact, 01943 467170 or 07908 750143.

School Study Aquarium Systems.

An aquarium system is a perfect vehicle for study bringing many scientific principles to life, biology, chemistry and physics as well as mathematics are all involved with the set up and ongoing care of even the most apparently simple system.

We can also set up a specific biotope such as African Lakes, Marine Reef, Rock pool Brackish/Estuarine/Mangrove and Amazonian.

**Information provided following consultation is based on our operatives experience and science fact but adopting our recommendations is not a guarantee of success.