Aquarium Filter Media

Aquarium Filter media is the stuff inside the filter that will process the waste generated by fish and other living organisms in the aquarium. Some filters will only accept their own specific branded filter media & others are able to utilise any number of media types manufactured by a variety of companies.

Some Filter media can also help to reduce algae problems (green water, slimy or hair like growth), some media can help polish the water and some can help to create specific water chemistry such as that required by Discus, Rift Valley Cichlids and others.

For general water quality the aquarium water can be filtered in three different ways & there is a range of filter media options for each of these three types of water processing. These are Mechanical Filtration, usually in the form of Filter Wool or Bio-Foams, Chemical or Absorptive Filtration in the form of granulates or impregnated foams & Biological Filtration which is usually ceramic, sintered glass or Engineered Bio-Balls.

In this section PET SAFARI have concentrated on the types of filter media that can be used in filters flexible enough to allow a varied mix of media such as External Cannister Filters & Sumps & aquariums with built in filters which have the flexibility to accommodate altenative media options. We also have a fIlter media section for branded media for those filters that can only use their own type (for example Fluval Internal Filters & others).