Aquarium Chillers & Cooling Devices

Can the water in an aquarium become too hot? the answer is most definitely yes. All aquatic creatures have evolved in biotopes that will typically be of a temperature within a fairly narrow range & if they are to survive in an aquarium we need to ensure that we maintain the appropriate temperature that is suitable for them. There are a number of exceptions but generally this is certainly true for most of the aquatic creatures we tend to keep in a captive environment.

Corals & other Marine Invertebrates & Marine Fish, having evolved in a particularly stable environment, are particularly sensitive to high temperatures but also goldfish varieties & quite a few tropical species will either suffer from the lower oxygen levels in warmer water or will simply expire when temperatures reach the maximum threshold that can be tolerated by them. Typically very few species will survive water temperatures over 32C (90F) for extended periods.

An aquarium chiller can easily be fitted to prevent livestock loss in the event of seasonal temperature rises or in indoor environments that have a particularly high ambient temperature such as restaurants, offices & nightclubs.