Algae reducing Media

Algae is a supremely successful plant that has existed from the very earliest stages of life on earth multiplying in the primordial soup and will, if not managed, delight in multiplying in your aquarium.

Common algal types that manifest themselves in the home aquaria are the single celled free swimming variety that cause green water, fluffy green cotton wool and wispy string algae and bristly hair algae. Some of these algae types will also colonise static surfaces such as the aquarium glass as a sheet of green and stifle plant growth by covering the plants leaves.

Regular partial water changes (ideally using water produced through reverse osmosis rather than water straight from the tap) and mechanical removal with algae magnets, scraper sticks and other devices and avoiding over long periods of lighting will help with algae management. Using one or more of the products below will remove the main fuel source for algae, phosphate and nitrate and a reduction in both of these will also benefit fish health.