Pet Safari Shopping Index
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Reptile Foods
Complete diets for a range of popular reptiles such as Bearded Dragons and Tortoises.     Reptile Foods are available as dried, live and supplementary feeds.
Reptile Heating
Spot bulbs, mats, ceramic elements and thermostatic c ontrol devices all designed to provide the perfect temperature gradient for any reptiles heating requirement.
Reptile Leashes & Jackets
Reptile leashes & jackets, leads and fashion wear for lizards.
Reptile Lighting
Reptile lighting is a very important component of the vivarium providing illumination for the day and night cycle, including high UVB outputs for stimulation of D3.
Reptile Maintenence

Essential tools to assist in the basic tasks necessary to ensure a healthy vivarium environment and for hand sterilisation to avoid the possibility of pathogenic transfer. Reptile maintenance made easy!!
Reptile Mist Makers
Reptile Mist Makers are primarily aids to the maintenance of high humidity but also for stunning visual effects. These devices create an authentic mist when submersed in water.
Reptile Substrates
Functional and decorative base materials for the vivarium for both moist (rainforest) and arid (desert) species. Reptile substrates are available as edible calci-sands, aromatic woods and colourful carpets.
Reptile Supplements
Dietary additions to boost calcium or vitamin intake, supplementary to the staple diet. There are many times during a reptile's life when supplements can make all the difference their health and well-being.
Reptile Treatments
Reptile treatments are available to provide first aid and to treat a number of minor ailments which do not require veterinary attention. Always consult with a veterinarian if symptoms persist or you are unsure as to the diagnosis.
Reptile Vivarium Accessories
A huge range of items are available as reptile vivarium accessories including hides, feeds, water bowls, repti hammocks and arboreal lagoons.
Reptile Vivarium Kits
Complete reptile vivarium kits for keeping a variety of reptiles including Leopard Geckos, Tortoises, Terrapins, Bearded Dragons, Snakes and more.
Reptiles Vivariums
Reptile Vivariums are basic housing adaptable for use for a variety of snakes & lizards. A range of heating, lighting and other accessories is available to complete the vivarium kit.